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What's Included In This Course

In this mini-course you’ll learn everything you need to know about working with Tables in under 1 hour. You’ll be up to speed and getting your work done faster in no time.

I’ll also share their limitations and teach you some clever workarounds only the experts know.

Less than 2% of Excel users are making use of the huge efficiency gains available with Excel Tables, which is crazy because Tables are dead easy to use and they automate time saving techniques like:

  • Dynamic named ranges that automatically update formulas, PivotTables and charts
  • Formatting, like banded rows or columns
  • Sorting and filtering
  • Totals and statistics
  • Introduction to Tables – I’ll show you where the majority of people go wrong with their data layout and how and why Tables fix these problems.
  • Getting Started with Tables – How to insert, rename and work with Tables.
  • Sort, Filter and Slicers – Tables come with a plethora of built in sorting and filtering options. And then there are Slicers for dead easy filtering.
  • ormulas, Structured References and Absolute References – One of the main benefits of working with Tables revolves around formulas. Their simplicity and automatic updating is a huge efficiency benefit.
  • 6 Table Limitations and Workarounds – For all their upsides, Tables do have a few gotchas. I’ll cover them all and provide workarounds so you don’t get caught out.
  • There are extensive notes in the Excel workbook included with the course, which also contains practice data.
  • This course is for every Excel user who doesn’t use Tables or who is using Tables but only scratching the surface.
  • Requires Excel 2007 or later. The course was filmed in Excel 2019/Office 365.
  • Prices are +GST for Australian customers.
  • If you purchase the Online + Download option, course videos will be available for download after the 30 day Money Back Guarantee period ends.
  • Membership and access to the training materials is for one person only. Logons are not to be used by multiple people.
  • Downloaded videos are to be used only by the registered member, they are not to be transferred/shared amongst other people.
  • You can request a refund provided that no more than 30% of the course videos have been watched.

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About the Instructors

Treacy M, is a qualified accountant and has been working with Excel since 1995, and sharing her knowledge on her Excel blog since 2010. In 2014 she was awarded Microsoft Excel MVP for her contribution to the Excel community. She also teaches several highly acclaimed Excel courses including an Excel Dashboard Course and Excel Expert course . Her courses incorporate real business scenarios drawn from her accounting background and work experience in multi-national companies in London. Her teaching style is to the point with practical examples and files you can download for reference later on. She doesn't waffle on just to make the course long. She'd rather get you up to speed quickly because she knows that what you really want is to know how to do this stuff, not spend hours watching videos.


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